Brighton & Hove Speakers Club

What does the Club Committee do?

The club is run by a committee made up of unpaid volunteer members who look after the club’s well-being. This includes promoting the club, setting up meeting agendas, helping members to achieve speaking goals and generally provide the best experience we can for our members.

As a committee member, you’d be surprised how much this enriches your learning experience with the club, not only as a speaker but your confidence as a leader. No experience is required to take on these roles except for enthusiasm and a bit of your time!

Committee members are invited to attend twice-yearly club officer training days where they can keep abreast of changes going on in Toastmasters at a district, regional and international level. It also provides a chance for committee members from other clubs to meet up and exchange ideas.

Below are brief introductions to each of the committee roles, and if you are curious about any of these positions, come chat to us or click on the links for more details!


The President assumes overall responsibility for the progress and welfare of the club, and presides over club and committee meetings. They bring the committee together to work out any challenges that might arise, and set the tone for the club.

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Vice President Education

The VPE looks after your speaking progress, keeping an eye on members and setting up meeting agendas. The VPE can answer questions about the learning programme or how to progress through your speaking journey.

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Vice President Membership

The VPM ensures guests are given a friendly and informative welcome to the club. Their responsibilities are to liaise with prospective members and encourage them to sign up to the club.

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Vice President Public Relations

The VPPR ensures people who’d benefit from joining the club can find us. This is done through organising events and social media. They own the marketing and communications spaces for the club.

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The club Secretary is responsible for maintaining the club’s records, managing files and taking minutes at every club committee meeting. They also help to prepare a list of actions to be taken during business meetings.

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The Treasurer looks after the club’s funds, by keeping full records of financial transactions and paying all of the clubs expenses (room hire, membership etc.), whilst ensuring the club stays financially secure.

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Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President (IPP) role falls upon the former president of the club, and is there to support the new president and committee, answering any questions and giving advice for the next set of leaders to succeed.

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