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Mentors (or Buddies) play a key role for members to provide support and guidance through the speaking journey at the club. Besides offering their knowledge, experience and expertise, they build rapport with mentees to understand their goals and learn things new.

Role Description

Once a member has settled into the club, they can become a mentor. This means they will regularly meet with or contact their mentee to coach them along their journey. A mentor-mentee relationship might be because of a specific skill the mentor has (e.g. body language, voice projection) or to provide overall support and encouragement.

A good Mentor will:

  • Provide in-depth feedback in a constructive/positive way
  • Encourage the Mentee to step out of their comfort zone and keep developing

A good Mentee will:

  • Proactively seek a Mentor in the club
  • Be open to receiving feedback
  • Communicate with their Mentor when they need support