Brighton & Hove Speakers Club

Meeting Admin

In this page, you will find helpful information and resources for planning your visits to the club. Our meetings are organised through “EasySpeak”: a system that UK clubs use to schedule speeches, attendance and roles.

You will also find a section dedicated to evaluation forms for each Pathways project.

Club calendar

Every meeting is open for guests to attend. If you want to visit us for free and see what the club can offer. Please drop in on any meeting or give us a heads up by getting in touch through the contact form.

Upcoming club meetings

  • Wednesday 26 June @7.30pm

    Brighton & Hove Speakers Regular Meeting (In-Person + Online - Guests Welcome)

  • Wednesday 10 July @7.30pm

    Brighton & Hove Speakers Regular Meeting (In-Person + Online - Guests Welcome)

  • Wednesday 24 July @7.30pm

    Brighton & Hove Speakers Regular Meeting (In-Person + Online - Guests Welcome)

  • Wednesday 14 August @7.30pm

    Brighton & Hove Speakers Regular Meeting (In-Person + Online - Guests Welcome)

Meeting sign-up

You will need to be logged into EasySpeak to use these buttons. Look for tips on how to log onto EasySpeak in the next section.

Confirm role and attendance

Let others know that you’re coming to meetings in EasySpeak .

Book your next speech

Schedule your speeches in advance through EasySpeak .

View meeting agenda

Want to see what’s coming in the next meeting?

EasySpeak meeting management

EasySpeak is a meeting management system used by most Toastmasters clubs in the UK to keep track of member’s progress, and schedule speeches and roles.

You may see links referring to “”, which is where the EasySpeak site operates.

Understanding and knowing how to use the club’s EasySpeak site will enable you to take ownership of your Toastmasters journey by using the following tools:

It’s worth getting a good grasp of EasySpeak, as you will see how this makes a huge difference in ensuring meetings are well organised, and even works when you visit other UK clubs who use the same system.

We have also included a number handy EasySpeak shortcuts at the top of this page for you to sign up and view upcoming agendas.

Evaluation forms

Are you planning on evaluating someone’s speech at the next meeting?

Every speech on Pathways has specific objectives requiring different approaches to evaluations. For instance, a person’s “Connect with Storytelling” evaluation would need a different evaluation focus than someone who’s doing their “Ice Breaker” speech.

You can find the different speech evaluation resources in Pathways Base Camp and summarised below for convenience. Look for the project name (as shown on the meeting agenda) and click to open the PDF version of the form, which you can either type into the form directly, or print out.

If you are unsure about the correct form then contact the Vice President Education for guidance.