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Confirming attendance and signing-up for roles

There are a number of different ways to let the club know that you are planning on coming to meetings, with the option to take roles.

Method 1: Using the EasySpeak Sign Up page

You will find convenient buttons on our Meeting admin page and EasySpeak home page that take you to the EasySpeak Sign Up page.

Highlights the button on this website to confirm your attendance.

Click either of these buttons to take you to the “Sign Up for Meetings” page on EasySpeak, then confirm your availability on the dates and the roles you’d like to take.

Demonstrates how to confirm attendance for a meeting

Method 2: Using the EasySpeak Meeting page

You can also confirm your attendance and role through EasySpeak’s Meeting page. Reach this by looking for the Next Meeting View Meeting on EasySpeak.

This will show details of the next upcoming meeting, where you can:

  • Confirm you’re attending by pressing the green thumbs up button 
  • Decline your attendance by pressing the red thumbs down button 

You can also choose a meeting role by clicking on the green thumbs up “Yes” button .

Demonstrates how to confirm attendance via the Meeting page