Brighton & Hove Speakers Club

Requesting speeches

You will find convenient buttons on our Meeting admin page and EasySpeak home page  to book your future speeches.

When you click either of these buttons, a popup window will open for you to enter details.

  1. Under the Speech Title tab, enter the proposed title for your speech. If you don’t have one yet then enter “TBC”
  2. On the Workbook / Speech tab, pick the workbook (i.e. Pathway name) that you have signed up for, then pick an assignment
  3. Under the Preferred Dates tab, select your first, second and third preferred meeting date to deliver your speech
  4. Press Save when all the previous sections have been completed

Once the speech has been requested, the Vice President Education will review your request and let you know when the speech slot is booked.

Demonstrates how a speech is requested.