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General Evaluator

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator – often forgotten, but always beneficial. As GE you will evaluate everything that hasn’t been evaluated; Toastmaster, Timekeeper and Evaluators included!

Speaking time

6-minute report at the end of the meeting.

Before the Meeting

Before the meeting gets underway, make a note of who is talking to guests, whether the room is set out properly, and if the meeting starts on time – think of any volunteers who might not get a mention for their work behind the scenes.

At the Meeting

  • Once the meeting has started – right up until your report – note anything of interest. Some ideas include:
    • How did the President open the meeting?
    • What did the Toastmaster do to keep the energy up/meeting running as planned?
    • Where there are challenges that the meeting had to overcome?
    • Who was helping throughout?
    • How did the evaluators do?
    • Did the Timekeeper keep the meeting to time?
    • How was Table Topics?
    • Did the Grammarian fulfil their role well?
    • How could the club or meeting improve?
  • Like all evaluators, a focus on the analytical rather than superficial is helpful and remember to be polite, positive and constructive in your feedback;
  • You’ll be called up by the Toastmaster at the end of the meeting – focus on keeping your report to a similar format as you might a speech evaluation.