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Table Topics Master

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master is perhaps the most enjoyable role – free to choose your own topic/format, you and your imagination can run wild. As Table Topics Master you will need to be a good moderator and have the confidence to bring people up, and set them up to succeed.

Speaking time

1-minute explanation of Table Topics at start of meeting, 1-minute explainer after break, followed by facilitation of all Table Topics speakers.

Before the Meeting

Spend some time thinking of a question, topic or activity you’d like everyone to do for your Table Topic. Really be imaginative in coming up with a new format or theme. Be creative! Prepare 5-7 questions/topics that you will have to hand. Having a spare one is useful if time allows.

At the Meeting

  • You’ll be brought up by the Toastmaster in the first half of the meeting – here is your chance to tell guests and members what Table Topics is, and invite them to sign up for a space
    • Ask for volunteers to come talk to you as you go around during the break, or send a private message to you during online meetings
  • After the break and evaluations, the Toastmaster will hand over the floor to you for the whole Table Topics slot
  • Explain the format again and give people a heads up if you will be needing volunteers to make up numbers!
  • The way you do the next part is completely up to you, so choose the style you want and go for it!
    • You can ask the question first, and then bring up your volunteer
    • Or, you can say the person’s name first, and then ask the question
  • Think about how challenging your questions are and be considerate of any first timers. Conversely, show no mercy to seasoned Table Topic-ers!
  • Ask your question/topic clearly, and stand or sit just off to the side – be willing and ready to jump in if the speaker looks lost or needs a reminder of the question;
  • Keep an eye on the timekeeper, and check if you have time for more questions at the end
  • Once all the questions are asked, hand back to the Toastmaster

Finally, if you have further questions on being a Table Topics Master, you can reach out to your mentor or Vice President Education.