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Warm-up Master

Warm-up Master

The Warm-up Master brings the energy, gets the room buzzing, and prepares everyone to speak. As Warm-Up Master you will need a good question or topic to help bring people out of their shells.

Speaking time

2-minute explanation of your role, followed by facilitation of the warm-up speakers.

Before the Meeting

Spend some time thinking of a question, topic or activity you’d like everyone to do for your warm-up. It could be as simple as “what is your favourite holiday destination?” or involve something more active like saying their name whilst making a hand gesture. Think creatively!

At the Meeting

  • You’ll be introduced by the Toastmaster of the Evening
  • To start with, give a little introduction – who are you, and why are you warming the audience up?
  • Tell the audience your question, activity, or theme
  • Indicate where you’ll start in the audience
  • Remember to remind the audience:
    • Say your name
    • Speak for 15 seconds
    • You can pass if you want to – it’s voluntary after all.
  • Stay at the front of the room, maybe saying your answer first as an example before starting to ask the room
  • Stay at the front, signposting people to stand up and speak – sometimes people need a reminder that they are next to speak!
  • Once everyone in the room has spoken, hand back to the Toastmaster – make sure you’ve included any role keepers hidden at the back of the room!